How to Shut Off Your Water During a Plumbing Emergency

How To Turn Off Water During a Plumbing Emergency

Most homeowners take for granted that the water coming into the home will work properly until a water emergency occurs. When you notice water problems, such as a burst pipe or leak, you should turn the water off until the plumber arrives to prevent water waste, water damage, and the costs associated with both. 

When to Shut Off Water Due To a Plumbing Emergency

The main plumbing emergencies you may run into that require you to shut off your water include:

  • Burst Pipe
  • Perpetually Running Toilet
  • Sewer Backup
  • Stubborn Overflowing Clog
  • Leak

You shut the water off to reduce the amount of water wasted, minimize water damage, and keep your family safe. 

While many people understand the need after a burst pipe, you may wonder why you should shut the water off for a leak from a pipe or appliance, such as your water heater. Well, those small leaks lead to 100,000 gallons of water waste in only a year for the average household. At roughly $.03 per 10 gallons, that leads to spending an unnecessary $300 each year

How Your Home’s Water Works

86% of homeowners receive water from the city through a main water line that connects your home to the area’s main water supply. The city filters the water before sending it out to the people, and you pay each month for the privilege of using the water. 

Alternatively, some homeowners use a well or a cistern system.  These systems grow in popularity in areas where people do not have access to nearby water. Some people simply prefer these options for sustainability, additional control, or taste preference. 

How To Shut Off Your Home’s Water

If you have a plumbing emergency, first and foremost, take a breath. Next, you need to locate the main water supply valve and close it completely. 

Find the Main Water Supply Valve

You shut off water to your home by finding the main water supply valve at your home and turn it off. While this seems simple, you need to know where to find your main water supply line.

In most cases, homeowners with a basement can find the shut off valve near the front wall, sometimes located near the water heater. Homes with no basement may find the valve outside near the street. 

Completely Close the Valve

Your main supply valve will have a ball valve or gate valve. Older homes tend to use the fate valve, and this valve requires multiple clockwise turns to completely close it. A ball valve, found in most new buildings, only requires a 90 degree motion of the lever. 

Call For Emergency Plumbing

Unless you want to go back in time to an era without indoor plumbing, you probably want to call for emergency plumbing as soon as possible.  P&M Prestigious Plumbing can send a professional and friendly plumber over to handle your plumbing immediately so that you can turn the water back on. Contact P&M Prestigious Plumbing to learn more!

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